Azərbaycan Milli Konservatoriyasının Beynəlxalq Əlaqələr Departamentinin qəbul elanını təqdim edirik.
Milli dəyərlərimizin inkişafında böyük əhəmiyyəti olan musiqi məbədi təhsil ocağımızda təhsilini davam etdirəcək əcnəbi tələbələrə uğurlar diləyirik.

To the attention of foreign citizens who want to be admitted to the Azerbaijan National Conservatory: The acceptance of documents has begun

Information about the admission process:
Admission of foreign students at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory (ANC) is carried out electronically. All foreign nationals who wish to study at ANC have to submit the required documents through a personal cabinet on the website. If necessary, applicants are invited to an interview via “Skype” or phone.
Acceptance of documents is carried out on the basis of documents required for the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees.
At the next stage of the admission process, according to the general admission rules, the documents of all international applicants are checked, and if their documents are in order, an invitation letter will be sent to you for admission to the Azerbaijan National Conservatory.
Instructions for registering on the portal:
Instruction in video format:
Instruction-video (in English)
Instruction-video (in Azerbaijani)
Instructions in pdf format:
Manual-pdf (in English) 

АМК буклет
Documents required for admission:
1.Passport (foreign);
2.Document on previous education and its annex (diploma, transcript);
* If the diploma has not yet been obtained, an extract from the order of graduation from the educational institution where he graduated;
3.A legalized (apostilled) version of the document on previous education;
4.The version of the document about the previous education translated into Azerbaijani (the foreign citizen must submit the document to the educational institution after arriving in the Republic of Azerbaijan or after formalizing his admission);
5.Certificate of health, including not being a carrier of AIDS, Hepatitis B and C viruses;
6.Certificate from the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan on lack of dual citizenship.

Bachelor degree
1. Popular music and jazz performance (piano, violin, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, garmon, trumpet, percussion, tar, kamancha, law, saz, balaban, ney, zurna, pipe, garmon, drum, vocals)
2. Instrumental performance (tar, kamancha, law, balaban, saz, trumpet, pipe, ney, clarinet, accordion, drum)
3. Instrumental performance (piano)
4. Vocal Art (Singer)
5. Vocal Art (National Vocal)
6. Musicology
7. Conducting
8. Composition
9. Music teacher

Master’s degree
1. Playing folk instruments (on musical instruments)
2. Vocal Art (Singer)
3. Vocal Art (National Vocal)
4. Conducting
5. Composition
6. Musicology (Music history)
7. Musicology (Music Theory)
8. Musicology (Ethnomusicology)
9. Pop art (popular music and jazz performance – vocals)
10. Pop art (popular music and jazz performance – instrumental – by instrument)

Doctoral degree
Musical art

Note: The deadline for documents is September 20, 2024 and results will be announced in 30 September 2024.

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