An event at the Art Gymnasium dedicated to March 31 genocide

On March 31, Art Gymnasium subordinated to the Azerbaijan National Conservatory has hosted literary and art evening “March 31 is the Day of World Azerbaijanis genocide”. Organizer and director of the evening was grandson of Gurban Pirimov’s brother. Students of VI, X, XI grade as well of the National Conservatory participated in the event. VI grade students: Mansura, Aydan, Samir, Karimova Nushaba; X, XI grade stundets: Ibrahimli Suleyman (both Nuri Pasha, as well as Shaumyan), Asadov Tamerlan (Mikoyan); Novruzov Atabala (Ali Amiraslanoghlu), Abbasov Boyukagha (Laloyan); National Conservatory students – Maleyke Ehtiram, Alikhanli Aysel, Anar Mammadov, Mabud Ahmadov.
The event, which began with reading of the Azerbaijani National Anthem, was composed of 3 parts. Announcers, conservatory students Aliyeva Samra and X-grade student Aliyeva Firangiz opened the event; victims of the genocide were commemorated with a minute of silence. General overview-silent film was shown about the history, accompanied by presenters’ speaking about the genocide.
As a continuation of the first part, chronicle was given about the genocide committed by Shaumyan, and then talented students performed a sketch about the offensive enemy: Here character of Shaumyan speaks about his plans on “Great Armenia”. He asks his assistant with irony why he wears hat, while Armenians have never worn a hat (as a symbol of honour). Then a letter is received from Ulyanov: It is said that Ulyanov appreciates the policy by Shaumyan, talks about victory and notes that it is important to learn diplomacy and at the end, send greetings to the friends. During the sketch, Shaumyan avidly speaks about massacres planned to be committed in Ganja, Lankaran, Shamakhi and says that they will also come to Baku. Shaumyan: “Russians will help us as long as we are their slaves!”
The first part continues with Atabala Novruzov’s recitation of a poem on the genocide “Dur ayağa məmləkətim, Qalx ayağa millətim” by Zelimkhan Yagub and the part ends with the singing of National Conservatory khananda – student “Bayatı-Şiraz”, accompanied by tar, kamancha, oud.
Opening the second part, presenters spoke about Dashnak party, as well about Ottoman Empire, Nuri Pasha (They noted preparation of army in Ganja). Then, review presented about Nuri Pasha.
Words of Emma Zeynalova, Ali Amiraslanoghlu’s granddaughter, were used in the sketch about Nuri Pasha: Nuri Pasha presents Quran and the Turkish flag to young Ali and says beautiful words. As is known, Nuri Pasha was loved as the savior of Azerbaijan, he is also remembered today. The scene ends with “Long live the unity of Turkey and Azerbaijan” words. And the third part… Again, presenters make speech accompanied by chronicle: they spoke about national leader Heydar Aliyev, his words about the genocide delivered to the audience.
Near the end, a sketch is presented about the genocide: girls wearing a silk kerchief and black-dressed boys read a poem on stage, the Conservatory student Anar Mammadov sings “Zəmin Xarə”. The sixth grade student approaches each participant on stage, asks what genocide is and everyone opens up the meaning of genocide by reading a poem. Again, khananda sings and the participants read a poem. Black-dressed girl sings “Amin” song and all the heroes read “I swear” poem at the end of the scene.
Finally, patriotic song-clip by Tunzala Aghayeva was shown.