Head of the department Public Events, Concerts and Arts – Guliyev Riad Parviz.

This department has been functioning since December, 1, 2014. There are five workers in the department:

1. The head of the department
2. Light artist
3. Sound director
4. Scene worker
5. Cameraman

Activity of the department:

Organizes concerts, meetings students with the teacher and professor staff, as well as with the artists.

Organizes meetings of prominent singers, composers, poets and writers, scholars with students and teacher-professor staff of ANC.

On the 1st and 4th day of each month at 17.00 “Music hour” is held in Baku hall of ANC. Anniversary nights of master artists are also organized here.

Provides participation of students in high schools, institutions, competitions and concerts. Records of all events held in ANC are held in the archive.