International Department and Foreign Students


International Department and Foreign Students began to function since the time when National Azerbaijan Conservatory launched its activity. First of all, close relations were set up with all similar structures of the republic. Relations were established with the embassies accredited to our country:


In 2005 the project “Grass roots” has been worked out with the Japan Embassy and was confirmed by Japan government. According to this project, concert halls, auditoriums, laboratories of the newly built building will be equipped with the most modern technical equipment. As the construction of the building has not been finished, in 2010 in the meeting of the Makoto Farukava, the second Secretary of the Japan Embassy in ANC this project was discussed once again and it was confirmed that as soon as the building is ready its equipment will be realized. Besides it, in relation with the “Year of Chopin” a series of events were held with Polish Embassy. Joint concert programs were organized on the initiative of Sir Phillipe Yottar, the accredited Ambassador of Belgium in Azerbaijan. As a reply to the letter N 504 of ANC dated on January, 14, 2010 on development of international cooperation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via its channels sent an appeal to the below-mentioned embassies and organizations.


The appeals sent to the countries which have embassies in Azerbaijan:


Switzerland, the United States of America, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the UK, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Kuwait, India. The appeals sent via the embassies of Azerbaijan abroad: Austria, Canada, Spain, Sweden. The appeal sent via the Permanent Representative of Azerbaijan at the UNESCO:


ANC is the member of ELIA (European League of Institutes of Art) since 2003. ELIA involves 376 universities from 48 countries. The head of the department, Zemfira Huseynova, on this line took part in the international conference held in Luzern, Switzerland on November, 3-6, 2006. Professors of ANC M.Guliyev, S.Farhadova and Z.Huseynova participated in the conference held in Tbilisi held on October-14-21 , 2005 by ELIA. Z.Huseynova took part in the international conference held in Gent city, Belgium on October, 26, 2006. Within framework of ELIA, the relations have been set up with SOAS center of London University, Belgrade University, Goteborg University of Sweden, Kazakhstan Academy of Art. In 2008, the rector of Azerbaijan National Conservatory S.Karimi and the rector of Tehran University Ayatolla Hamid Zanjani signed a memorandum between these two high schools. On the same year, mutual acquaintance took place between Azerbaijan National Conservatory and Tashkent State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and Aim Shams University of Egypt via initial memorandum.


Since 2009, I International Mugham Festival “Mugham world” was launched on the initiative of Mehriban Aliyeva, the President of H.Aliyev Fund. S.Karimi, rector of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory was appointed the head of the jury selecting the winners of the competition. Azerbaijan National Academy regularly hosts this event taking place every one year. The website organized for the IV International Mugham Competition “Space of Mugham” in 2015 by the Department of Foreign Relations was awarded by Azerbaijan National Conservatory with NETTY 2016 nomination on the field of culture and art.


Since 2015, Azerbaijan National Conservatory is the member of “Mevala-change program”. This program is designed for exchange of students and teachers of the National Conservatory and several high schools of art profile of Turkey.


Azerbaijan National Conservatory, at the same time, is a member of the program “Erasmus+”. Works are being carried out on this direction.


Since 2009, Azerbaijan National Conservatory has become the member of “Yuksek Oyretim Kurumu” of Turkey Republic. By becoming the member of YOK, the name of Azerbaijan National Conservatory has been reflected in the journal where the high schools of Turkey are enumerated and it means that students from any zone of Turkey can be admitted to the National Conservatory and the diploma confirming the high education will be recognized in their country.


Due to this membership, up to now, different appeals have been received and admittances have been realized to National Conservatory from different cities of Turkey and our membership is still going on.


The list of the universities cooperating with Azerbaijan National Conservatory:


1. State Conservatory of Anatolia University – 2009
2. Xinjiang Institute of Art of China – 2010
3. Latvian Music Academy after the name of Yazeps Vitols – 2011
4. Academy of Music, Theatre and Art of Moldova Republic – 2012
5. Tajikistan National Conservatory after the name of Talabkhuja Sattarov – 2013
6. State Conservatory of Harran University (Shanlıurfa, Turkey) – 2013
7. State Conservatory of Turkish Music of Istanbul Technical University – 2014
8. Kazakhstan National Conservatory after the name of Kurmangazi – 2015
9. National Conservatory of Edward Said (Jerusalem, Philistine) – 2015
10. Gaziantep University of Turkish Republic (Eskishehir, Turkey) – 2017