• Laboratory of improvement of national music instruments
  • Research of national music, scientific laboratory
  • Head of laboratory of improvement of national music instruments – Mammadali Mirali Mammadov


    Scientific –research laboratory of “Improvement of national music instruments” was founded in 2003 within National Conservatory.

    The laboratory, as it seems from its name, is engaged in improvement of musical instruments and creation of musical instruments which can sound in all registers.

    Both in previous years and today quite large number of successful work was carried out in this field in the laboratory.

    1. Bash balaban
    2. Piklo balaban
    3. Tenor balaban
    4. Bash kamancha
    5. Karabagh kaman

    These works are not final and they are going on.

    Musical instruments improved and invented in the scientific- research laboratory of “Improvement of national musical instruments” of Azerbaijan National Conservatory were publicly exhibited in Mugham Center on December, 28, 2011, in Salyan region on March, 20, 2012 and in Ichari Shahar reservation on March, 20, 2012.

  • Head of research of national music, scientific laboratory – Abbasgulu İsmayil Nacafzada



    The laboratory of “Research of national music” of Azerbaijan National Conservatory was organized according to the decree of the Minister of Education dated on 14.03.2003. Since 2011 PhD on art study, assistant professor Abbasgulu Najafzada was charged to head the laboratory.

    The employees of the laboratory have published a number of scientific articles in the periodical media putting forward their valuable suggestions in the direction of study and research of national music. From this point of view, scientific workers of the laboratory Abbasgulu Najafzada, Taryel Mammadov, Kamala Asadullayeva, Sevda Badalova, Kamala Hajiyeva carried out investigations in different libraries of our country and obtained valuable information. In order to get more success in researches, the laboratory has been equipped with necessary technical equipment.

    The head of the laboratory Abbasgulu Najafzada pays special attention to preparation and protection of articles used in the field of research of national music to be on a high level. Abbasgulu Najafzada is based on the principle “Any article can be small, but its scientific value should be great”. The articles registered in the laboratory should be written on a dissertation level, it should have introduction, scientific innovation and reasonable conclusion.

    Besides it, the executive secretary of the journal “Conservatory” acting within ANC, A.Najafzada, as well as other employees of the laboratory Taryel Mammadov, Kamala Asadullayeva, Sevda Badalova, Kamala Hajiyeva, Rovshan Mammadov and Azada Mammadova do their best for each issue of a journal to have a thigh scientific power.