On April 17, Jonathan Hollis, an ethnomusicologist doctoral student from Illinois, a scholar backed by the Armenian diaspora, made a statement entitled “Armenian musicians were expelled from Azerbaijan during the war.”.
He later stated that our national Azerbaijani Mugham and the balaban proved to be our national instrument, belonged to Armenians, and brought it to the public with this content. The false statement was confirmed by the American Research Institute. We should note that Jonathan Hollis is a scientist who lived in Armenia for a year and was funded to make false claims against Azerbaijan. Taking into account this unjust situation, we protest on behalf of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. On behalf of the professors and people of artists of the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, we demand the protection of our music, which is our national value. At the same time, we demand the initiation of counter-propaganda and the delivery of our protest against injustice from the relevant institutions. Let us protect our sacred national music.
Azerbaijan National Conservatory