On 26-27 October in 2017 will be held with joint organization of Azerbaijan National Conservatory (ANC) and Ministry of Education international scientific conference “Musical Traditions in Globalizing World” in ANC. Conference will start on 26th October at 10:00 o’clock.


A lot of professors, ethno-musicologists, specialists on music education, also some international experts (from Turkey, Russia, USA, Japan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan) will participate and perform with articles.


At the conference will be discuss these subjects:

  • Protective mechanism in musical traditions and functional systems
  • Musical traditions as a sign and symbol of cultural identities
  • Modern research approaches in ethnomusicology
  • Interrelations between national musical traditions and modern composition
  • Multicultural essence and potential for renewal in eclectic (hybrid, symbiotic) genres and styles in music

For intended both two days local and foreign musicians will perform with concert programs at the conference.