The Azerbaijan National Conservatory has hosted a concert on the occasion of the 60th anniversary our countryman Faramaz Garmrudi. Notably, with his diversified activities, F.Garmrudi acts in different countries around the world, as well as in Azerbaijan. He composed a number of musical masterpieces – tasnif, deramed, rhythmic music as well as songs and enriched our musical treasure. In this sense, F.Garmrudi also gained a reputation as a virtuoso oud player alongside with composing and singing musical works. “Könül” folk instruments ensemble performed in the ANC concert. F.Garmrudi performed several music samples, accompanied by Azerbaijan virtuoso musicians – honored artists Malik Mansurov (tar), Elshan Mansurov (kamancha), Shirzad Fataliyev (balaban), Kamran Karimov (drum), also Husamaddin Azizov (bass drum), Nurlan Jabizade (bass tar) and Farid Babayev (bass kamancha).