Admission of foreign citizens to higher and secondary special education institutions of Azerbaijan and collection of information of foreign students studying in our country is carried out through the relevant electronic resources ( and For this reason, a foreigner applying to study at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory must first register on


Special ability levels of the foreigners intending to study in Azerbaijan National Conservatory are checked by the teachers of our education institution and after they are confirmed to be appropriate to our education standards, they have to submit the following documents within a year in order to be enrolled to 1-year preparation courses:


Application to the name of the rector with indication of the selected specialty and education form (full-time or part-time)


The document(s) legalized in appropriate form (or apostilled ) indicating the names of the learnt subjects (in previous education stage) and the marks got from them and notarially confirmed copy of it translated in Azerbaijan language.


Certificate of health, as well as reference about not being carrier of HIV, Hepatitis B and C viruses.


Valid border transition document (student visa).


Copies of such documents as honor awards, certificates, diplomas, CDs, DVDs (if available)


If the specialty preparation on appropriate education level and knowledge of the language of teaching (Azerbaijan language) meet the requirements of the standards determined by Azerbaijan National Conservatory for studying in Bachelor stage, then he (she) is admitted to the bachelor stage without preparation course just by passing an exam.


If the foreign student presents a certificate confirming his passing a preparation course related with the appropriate specialty in Baku Music Academy, Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art and Nakhchivan State Conservatory, then he is admitted to the first course of the bachelor course.


Foreign citizens will accept the Azerbaijan National Conservatory after graduated the Foundation course of this Conservatory ,nevertheless  they must give the exam.


Dual citizens who have permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan can not be admitted to a direct higher education institution, such as other foreign students.


A citizen who wants to study at the National Conservatory of Azerbaijan should enter the country with a study visa.During the 10 days from the date of entry into the country ,the foreigners must report the exact adress to State Migration Administration about where is he/she lives. In order to obtain a temporary residence permit,foreigners must provide the  required documents with legal representative of State Migration Administration on time.Information about a foreign student who has been removed from the higher education institution for any reason is given to the State Immigration Service and to the Ministry of Education within three business days. The permanent residence permit of a person is canceled.



The foreigners intending to study on doctorate stage should submit the following documents:


  1. Application to the name of the head of the institution
  2. Personal registration license from HR
  3. Biography
  4. Employment reference
  5. Extract from labor book
  6. Printed list of scientific works
  7. Notarially confirmed copy(ies) of the diploma(s) indicating learnt subjects and the marks got from them; (in Azerbaijan language)
  8. Copy of ID license
  9. 2 photos (3×4)
  10. Synopsis of thesis appropriate to the selected topic (12 pages)

Note: The student should pass exams on 3 subjects:


1) On specialty

2) Philosophy

3) English language

If the student is admitted to the doctorate stage, he (she) studies for 3 years.