1. Educational – Methodical Center

Educational – Methodical Center director – Karimova Rovshana Yagub

2. Department of Foreign Relations

Head of the department – Ahmadova Aygul Shahmirza

3. Department of Accounting and Human Resources 

Department manager – Chief Accountant – Huseynov Ibadat Akhli

4. General Department 

Head of the General Department – Gasimova Ellada Elkhan

5. Special Department

Head of Special Department – Gunay Agazadeh Razi

6. Department of organization of concerts and creative and mass events 

Department manager – Guliyev Riad Parviz

7. Department of Exploitation of Computer Equipment and Technical Maintenance 

Engineer-programmer – Polad Heybatov Salavat

8. Library 

Library director – Aliyeva Vafa İntiqam

9. Archive

Archive director – Mustafayeva Vusala Zakariyya

10. Department of Technical Exploitation 

Chief Engineer – Karimov Elkhan Firuddin

11. Department of Housekeeping 

Head of Housekeeping Department – Madatov Asim Osman